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I am a self taught Lampwork artist who melts glass in my home studio. I live in Mesa, Arizona with my husband and daughter. Having always been drawn to fire, combining glass with the fire was a natural evolution. I have been lampworking for over fifteen years and switched over to mainly borosilicate glass many years ago. I am inspired daily by my daughter as well as my friends and family who push me to come up with different ways to create pieces as well as combine them with other elements. I also runs a large online web community (Lampwork Etc) for glass bead artists for them to connect with each other, learn, and ask questions regarding glass.

When I work with glass I get mesmerized, not just by the flame lapping at the fire, but at the ability for glass to melt and flow. I look at the different levels of color and intensity of the molten glass. In order to create, you have to be able to read the glass. Often, during the course of creating, it may start out as one thing and it turns into another as the piece takes on a mind of its own and tells me what it would like to become. I find myself being drawn to making things found in nature but doing the pieces in new ways or combining unexpected elements. I am inspired every day by my beautiful daughter and her amazement and wonder whenever she sees a new piece. I would like for people to be able to look at my work and see that I have put myself into my artwork and created it in order to express my feelings and thoughts. Each piece makes a statement and there is more meaning than just what you see. Glass is such an amazing media. I feel even though I have been melting glass for over nine years, I still have so much to learn. I want to be able to make bigger more elaborate works of art that will allow people to see that glass is an amazing medium. There are many different ways to look at things, to interpret art and I do not see that there is a right or a wrong. I want people to go away being able to remember and be inspired by my work.



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